Pro Boat Clean (formerly trading as G R Pro-clean in North America)


January 6th 2010 - Pro Boat Clean has joined, a global network of independent boat cleaning professionals that specialises in using environmentally friendly products.

The network of boat cleaning  and detailing professionals and companies works to a strict code of practice that offers reassurance to owners that their vessel is in good and safe hands at all times. The service operates in Florida, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, New Caledonia and the French Caribbean – with new members throughout the world being actively sought.

The aim of is to introduce a common high standard across all member companies and detailing professionals so that, wherever an owner has his or her boat, if there is a member in that area, they know that their boat will be in good hands.’s Sales Director, Peter Treglown, said: “There are a great many companies who offer cleaning services for boats and yachts, but considerably fewer who are committed to a common quality standard that will ensure that, when owners entrust the cleaning of their boat or yacht to them, they can expect and receive nothing but the best quality work, using the best quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our aim is to raise the standards of cleaning, care and professionalism in the industry through working to a common agreed code of practice using only specified, approved cleaning products.” members promise the highest standards of customer care, carefully tested and approved non-abrasive cleaning materials that will not damage or degrade your boat, that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, a consistency of service and quality across the whole network and a commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Members of clean fibreglass, steel, aluminium and wooden hulled vessels and RIBs and can carry out regular maintenance work, restoration jobs and the preparation of boats for sale or purchase. Many members also offer the complete care package for boats. The website links to the network’s members. is also inviting boat cleaning professionals and those new to the industry, who wish to be trained to achieve the same high standards, to join the network. Details are on the website.

October 6th 2009 - What our customers are saying this Fall:

Owner, Mariah powerboat from Calgary, Alberta

" I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Chris Wood and his efforts at bringing my Mariah boat back from it's very sad condition. Take at look at the before photos (below) to see where Chris started. After Chris was done the boat looked like new with only a few very faint stains on the seats. Chris was an absolute pro to deal with - he did everything that he said he would and went above and beyond to get the boat back in service. I will recommend him to anyone that has cosmetic issues with their boat. Richard H."

Mariah powerboat with dirty vinyl and fibreglass before cleaning by Pro Boat Clean in Cranbrook, BCMariah powerboat with dirty vinyl and fibreglass before cleaning by Pro Boat Clean in The Kootenays


September15th 2009 - Brown Bow Wave Staining - "The Smile"

Many boats suffer from brown "bow wave" staining which may also extend along the waterline. Pro Boat Clean only has to paint on its special cleaning gel and the brown staining will disappear, not just off the surface but deep into the porous gelcoat. This same cleaning product will also remove rust stains from fibreglass and stainless steel.

Brown bow wave staining on motoryacht before cleaning by Pro Boat CleanBrown bow wave staining on motoryacht before cleaning by Pro Boat Clean

Badly stained motoryacht bow before cleaning                       The brown bow wave "smile" seen on many boats

Brown bow wave staining on motoryacht during cleaning by Pro Boat CleanThis motoryacht had a badly brown stained hull before cleaning and polishing by Pro Boat Clean

Removing the brown staining from the gelcoat                          Whiteness restored and a shiny hull after detailing

August 21st 2009 - What our customers are saying this summer:


Thank you for all the help with Knotica. You and your people have done a fantastic job on our boat.

Owner, Uniflite 41ft motoryacht, Ladner, BC

Thank you again for your work - the boat is a huge improvement.

 Owner, PT 35 Trawler, North Vancouver, BC

Thank you for the excellent job of detailing the Boat. I was very pleased with the results.

Owner, Tollycraft CPMY 48ft motoryacht, Sidney, BC

Thanks for the all the effort to get my boat ready to go. We went out on both Sat and Sun. Lots of comments from our guests on the condition of our boat!

Owner, Bayliner 57 motoryacht, North Vancouver, BC

Had a look at my boat today and all I could say is WOW! You are doing a terrific job. My wife commented the other day that she has never seen the boat look so good.

Owner, Tiara 31 powerboat, West Vancouver, BC

January 2009 - Pro Boat Clean launches new website

Owner, 24ft Bayliner and 14ft Double Eagle, powerboats, Bowen Island, BC
"Hi Nick, Thanks for the pictures; they really tell the story! If you like, I can get another shot of it sparkling in the (recent) sun and email to you; the snow's gone and the old nail really looks good against a blue sky. Our (nautical) neighbour drives by it twice a day and he said the hull looked like it had been in the water maybe a dozen times.

We are delighted with the results on both boats (just had the Bayliner in the H2O for the first time this season; everyone thought it was brand new).

Old dull and dirty power boat before boat cleaning by Pro Boat Clean         Colour restored and shiny boat after boat detailing by Pro Boat Clean

   Old dull and dirty Double Eagle boat before cleaning                      Colour restored and shiny boat after detailing

As for the Double Eagle, I think the scrum that was gathered around the boat while you were working on it spoke volumes. That 29-year-old boat sat there with a "for sale" sign on it for months without a nibble...and before you were even halfway finished cleaning it up we could have sold it 3 times over! One chap came back just as we were hooking up the trailer and offered almost twice what we paid for it.

The simple truth is we are delighted with the results and the fact that the cost was reasonable. In fact, your price was comparable to what we were quoted for just a wash and wax at a nearby marina. Thanks again, Nick!"

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