Pro Boat Clean (formerly trading as G R Pro-clean in North America)

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I have some fairly bad yellow staining on the gelcoat hull topsides of my boat. Also there is a large amount of "chalking" on the deck which is probably caused by strong UV light. Can you help?

Brown staining on boat before and after removalOxidised boat hull stripe cleaned and polished

   Brown staining on boat before and after removal                          Oxidised boat hull stripe cleaned and polished

In the past the solution would have been to use a cutting compound and a buffer to remove staining and chalking (oxidation) by grinding off the surface, with no regard for the gelcoat itself which is a very thin layer. Cut back regularly and you will soon end up with no gelcoat. Pro Boat Clean is able to remove staining and chalking from boats without cutting back or using abrasive products.

Well worth a try... ..Contact us now to obtain your free estimate.

2.  How do I keep otters off my boat? Can you clean up the mess they've left?

We recommend the use of moth balls left in the cockpit in trays to keep otters off your boat and ensuring all access points to lockers, cabins, etc., are closed off - look for gaps under the gunwhales and around cables. We've heard sprinkling some domestic cleaner such as Ajax on the dock beside your boat, on the swim platform and in the cockpit will also keep them away. We have also seen small electric fences fitted around private docks and in boat houses. Yes we can clean up the mess and deodorize the boat - you will probably have to replace fabric and sponge items such as cushions.

3. How much does boat detailing cost?

Our prices for boat cleaning and detailing are determined by the length and type of boat, whether you require the hull topsides cleaned to deck level or the whole yacht and whether the boat is afloat or ashore. Our prices are comparable with other boat cleaning services available in North America. However the protective coating we apply lasts much longer than wax polishes, so it reduces your ongoing boat maintenance costs and effort.

We will provide you with a free, full written quote so you know exactly what your are buying. We do not charge by the hour or extra for materials - our prices are inclusive of time, effort and products! Contact us for a quick and free estimate.

4. What do the products you use do?

The products we use gently "deep-clean", removing dirt and stains effectively and safely, enhancing appearance and protecting boats. These products contain neither PTFE, nor silicone. They do not produce any incompatibility with later repairs or painting. See also more information on the USA pages of our website.

5.  How long does the cleaning and protection provided by your system last?

Experience to date is that the cleaned gelcoat finished with its protective coat should remain clean and shiny for at least a season and often longer, particularly if regularly washed down with the wash product we provide on completion of each treatment. In areas of little airborne and/or waterborne pollution, it is anticipated the service will achieve better results. The longevity of the protective coat does depend upon the use to which your boat is put after cleaning.

It is suggested conventional waxing of boat decks usually lasts 3 to 4 months and waxing of the hull usually lasts 4 to 6 months, depending on weather conditions.

6.  Do you offer an annual service?

Each of our Service Agents offer a comprehensive annual cleaning service, ensuring your boat is cared for, and looks good, all year round. For more information find your local Service Agent on our Areas Served Canada pages.

7.  What effect do the products you use and your system have on the environment?

See our Environment page for more information.

8.  Who are you accredited with?

We are members of the British Columbia Marine Trades Association (BCMTA), and internationally we comply with the British Marine Federation Environmental Code of Conduct compiled in association with the Royal Yachting Association and their joint initiative the Green Blue.

9. Do you guarantee the quality of your boat maintenance service?

See information about the Pro Boat Clean guarantee of service.

Fibreglass boat cleaning by Pro Boat CleanFibreglass yacht cleaned by Pro Boat Clean                                               A fibreglass boat cleaned and polished by Pro Boat Clean

10.  Can you clean and renovate painted boats?

Yes, our Service Agents will test on a small area on your painted boat to ensure compatibility before providing you with a quote.

11. When do you recommend boats are cleaned?

See our Services page

12. How do I clean the bottom of a boat?

When you have your boat hauled out of the water onto the shore, the marina or boatyard staff will use a high pressure wash machine, at your cost, in a confined area of the yard to blast off the dirt, weed and barnacles from the hull, props, shafts and rudders. The run off from any bottom (anti-foul) paint washed off with the dirt is collected in the confined area and filtered to remove harmful paint particles before the water is returned to the sea, river or lake. You may also need to scrape off some areas with a hand scraper where the high pressure wash lance cannot reach. For further information talk to your marina or boatyard manager.

13. I have Stainless stanchions and life line fittings which are getting discoloured by rust where the line goes though the stanchions. There is no sign of this rust anywhere apart from on the interface between the two. The pelican hooks on the lifelines are looking decidedly rusty too. What, if anything, can I do to clean these fittings?

Call us and we can provide a cleaning service for your stanchions and fittings as well as the fibreglass of your boat.

14. I have recently acquired a 1987 24' fibreglass boat. The hull is white with maroon accents. Whereas the white topsides are in good condition, the maroon stripes appear to be badly oxidized and generally detract from the appearance of the boat. What product(s) available are suitable/successful for removing oxidation and restoring the colour as much as possible? In fact, is this even practical?

Yes, our Service Agents can clean the fibreglass hull and restore the colour of the boat's stripes.

15. Got a long neglected white, fibreglass boat hull I want to get looking nice. I don't have the physical stamina and endurance to do much in the way of physical labour. But, I do have a good electric buffer and lots of chamois pads. Is there any kind of gunk I can put on a buffer pad and let the buffer get it cleaned up? I've heard there are several good polishes that will finish the job that I can dry buff, once I rub them on. But, I need something to substitute for main strength and awkwardness in getting the hull clean to the point I can then polish/wax it.

What you are actually suggesting to do with some gunk, your electric buffer and a polish will likely result in permanent damage to your boat. In addition it will take you considerable time and effort, which by the sound of things you'd sensibly like to avoid. Contact us and we can detail your fibreglass boat for you, without damaging it and restoring its brightness, shine and colour.

Campion boat with faded and oxidised deck 

                                   Oxidised and dull boat deck before cleaning

Campion boat deck restored in colour and shine

                                 Cleaned boat deck colour and shine restored

16. I think it's time to paint my old boat which is a 26' GRP yacht and I have no idea what I need to do to prepare it for painting. Can anybody give me any tips? I've had quotes from a professional painter and it's going to cost me more than I paid for the boat.

Do you really need to go to the expense and effort of painting it? Let Pro Boat Clean use its boat maintenance techniques to clean, restore and protect it.

17. What is gelcoat?

Please click through to these pages of our website to see the answer to this question.

18. What's the difference between boat wax and polishes?

Please again click through to these pages of our website to see the answer to this question.

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Owner, “Due North”, Nordhavn 40 motoryacht, North Vancouver, BC
“Thanks for getting those stains out, it looks good.”

Owner, “Spiders Web”, C&C 30ft sailboat, Vancouver, BC
“This is a birthday present for my Dad. Thank you so much, Nick. My dad is going to s*** his pants when he sees what you have done! Please send the bill; I can’t wait to pay you.”
“Thanks again Nick. He couldn’t believe the difference it made. His exact words were, it looks like a new boat.”